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Total fees include payment processing fees, ticket service charge and government taxes.

You can avoid fees by passing them to attendees.

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These calculations are budgetary estimates. It may differ slightly from the final payout.

FREE tickets are FREE. i,e No processing fees, service charges or government tax.

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What you get

Mobile Tickets Event notifications Seating-based Events
Digital Tickets Cloakroom Management Event Summary Dashboard
Pass or absorb fees to attendees Integrated google map Data export
Custom URL Download tickets Analytics by ticket type
At-the-door sales vis App Email invitations Ticket scanning by the app
Group bookings Coupon code option Attendee check-in by the app
SEO Document Upload facility Team Access & Permissions
Sale on your website Quick Check-In Accept all major credit cards
3D secure payment processing Organizer's app (iOS & Android) 1 Day Payout by Online transfer
Marketing Campaign 24/7 Customer Support Audience Reports & Insights

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